Supplemental Insurance with Aflac

I recently contracted with Aflac to represent them as a broker to my clients. A lot of my accounts already offer Aflac but I was never excited about them. I have always thought of supplemental insurance as “overinsurance”. I felt as long as you had a good health insurance product, you shouldn’t need to pay more money to supplement it. But that was back when most people had low deductibles and copays to cover office visits and prescriptions. There really wasn’t a need for more insurance.

But times have changed and most people now have large deductibles. I have a $3000 deductible and that is very common. Employers have had to increase deductibles in an effort to reduce costs. This is where Aflac can help. We offered an Aflac accident plan, a cancer plan and a hospital plan to all Finn & Stone employees. 60% of our employees bought something and with prices ranging from $14-$40 a month, I think it is money well spent. Call or email me today if you would like more information on Aflac products.