Recreational Vehicles

Boats, Motor Homes and Others

Recreational vehicles such as motor homes and travel trailers, along with motorcycles and snow mobiles have special insurance needs.

Recreation is about having fun. Make sure your fun doesn’t put your future at risk by having the proper protection for any recreational vehicles you own including boats, motor homes,ATVs, and other vehicles.

When purchasing a recreational vehicle, a dealer may offer to provide you with insurance coverage, but keep in mind that your overall insurance protection plan is generally built through purchasing a variety of policies. You need to make sure that all your policies have the right limits and protections so that they work together.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs), for example, are becoming increasingly popular. And why not? You can go where you want to go, without concern for whether there is an airport, train station or bus station. You are free of any schedules except your own. And you can travel to the remotest areas or the biggest hot spots, as long as you can find a place to park your RV.

Each RV is unique; it’s contents are unique; and your use of it is unique. Keep in mind your budget. While some coverages may sound good, can you afford them? If you don’t get those coverages, can you afford to pay for replacement or repair yourself? For instance, you may not need a lot of contents coverage, because you may only keep your “old, but still useful” household items in your RV.

You may also need different insurance coverage for different parts of the year. Do you store your RV in the winter? Cancel driving-related or travelling-related coverages that are not required. Reduce your RV insurance to appropriate levels for storage conditions. When you are ready to travel again, increase the coverage appropriately.

So whether you want insurance for an RV, an ATV, a boat, or some other fun form of transportation, don’t get caught with an insurance gap…make sure you talk to  us if you’re purchasing any type of recreational vehicle.

To learn more about specific vehicle types you can email, call or visit us to discuss your needs.